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Hi, we are Paul & Karin, founders of BoomTree and proud parents of two amazing (but exhausting) kids. 

It's our aim to empower your children; to ignite their imagination and creativity and to develop their social and physical skills.  

We do this by building engaging playgrounds for parents, educators and public spaces across the UAE.

Building better Playgrounds since 2016

 - more than 1,000 playgrounds installed across all 7 emirates  -

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What our customers say about Our Playgrounds

Quality product and excellent service, Paul & his team are second to none! Our swing set still looks good as new even after 4 years of harsh desert summers. I’d asked Paul for help in moving the swing and relocating it for us one year along with a couple of replacement screw caps recently which he did no problem so a great after sales service as well. Thanks BoomTree!

Lisa Robinson // Parent

Amazing product and very professional services. They were fast to deliver. My daughter loved their jungle gym and she is playing on it non stop.

Nevine Kanj // Parent

Very responsive, great with understanding our needs and offering the right solution. Installation team knows what they are doing. Overall smooth and hassle free experience. Highly recommended.

Caner Gürsoy // Parent

Paul and his team are very professional and efficient. I wanted to add on to our existing playhouse and I was given a lot of options to suit my budget. The kids are thrilled!

Neha Holtzhausen // Parent

The concrete is still drying but I can already tell that our boys are going to live on these swings! The team who assembled them were wonderful - letting two kids help them dig and mix concrete. Super friendly and professional. Reliable comms from the company and delivered right on time.

Karen Salo // Parent

Made everything to specification in a rushed timeframe with no hassle or back and forth. The guys are professionals and one of the best companies I’ve had the pleasure of contracting with in Dubai.

Yazen Ak // Emirates Bio Farm

Our Top rated play Areas

 - tried and tested by your kids -

Looking to add a fun kids corner to your garden? This solid custom built kitchen provides hours of magical messy play. 
AED 3,495 only excl. VAT


An adventurous centrepiece for your kids' bedroom. With slide and many more modules if you'd like to turn the bed into a complete indoor playground.

AED 7,900 only excl. VAT

An amazing playtower that comes with a cute picnic table and benches for some al fresco dining and social play. 

AED 10,345 only excl. VAT

Most-Popular-Playground-Sets-by-BoomTree-Adventure-Playgrounds-Dubai Climbing Frame

This playground is one of our most popular setups, ideal for the little adventurer who loves to climb, swing and slide.

AED 12,890 only excl. VAT

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This is why we build Engaging play Experiences

 - a little bit more about us -

Playgrounds dubai BoomTree Adventure Playgrounds Dubai UAE

We're Paul & Karin, Dutch/English parents with more than 15 years in Dubai, UAE.

Dubai is a fantastic place to raise a family, but it can be a tough city to give your kids an old-school upbringing.

We started BoomTree because we believe that active play is a powerful way to develop children’s life skills and independence.

Play builds confidence and resilience. It encourages kids to take risks, make mistakes, learn, grow stronger (both physically and mentally) and try again.

Play connect us and helps us to work together.  It stimulates creativity, communication and social skills.   

In short, we started BoomTree because we believe in the Power of Play*.

*we made a little video to show you what we mean .

Learning through play.

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Play areas for everyone.

I'd like help choosing my playground, could you pass by?

Yes absolutely! Don’t hesitate and reach out on 050 884 2992 to book your free site visit.

We fully understand it can be a daunting task to choose the best playground. We're more than happy to pass by, measure up your space and discuss your requirements. Together we'll design the best playground to fit your space, your child’s abilities and your budget.


Can we customise our playground?

Absolutely, customisation is easy! Our playgrounds are designed to be modified and expanded. You can fully customise your playground at the start, or you can choose to add modules over the years.

Our experienced skilled team can design your playground to fit your space, your child’s abilities & sense of adventure and your budget.

Don’t hesitate and reach out on 050 884 2992 to book your FREE site visit, together we'll figure out the best playground for you.


Are your playgrounds safe?

Yes, our superior product designs are developed to ensure the safety of your children and are based on the current harmonized European safety directives. As an active member of the European technical committee “Safety of (activity) Toys (TC 52 / WG10)” we are closely involved in the realization of the European toy standard EN 71:2011.

Each Jungle Gym Playground set contains specially-developed components to maximise the safety of our product. Features such as caps to cover the bolt heads, bumper pads and ground anchors are standard parts of the play set for your peace of mind and your child’s carefree activity.

Weatherproof and UV-resistant, our sturdy kids playgrounds have rounded edges and corners. We always use materials and finishes that are soft for your children’s hands and provide maximum grip.

Moreover, we will advise you on appropriate flooring.

What wood are your playgrounds made of?

The wood used in our playground equipment is sustainable PEFC pine timber from Germany. The wood is pressure treated with Tanalith E treatment, which is is safe to use for structures in and around children’s play areas.

PEFC is the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification – it is the world’s largest forest certification system. You can find out more at www.pefc.org


Where are you based? Do you have a showroom?

We're based in Dubai, UAE. We operate from our carpentry workshop in Jebel Ali, where you're more than welcome to pass by to get a feel for the materials used in our products. Just call us in advance on 050 884 2992 to make an appointment.

To see real life structures, visit eggs&soldiers or check our Portfolio/Public spaces to find a location near you.

We don't have a showroom since our wide range of products would require a large amount of expensive retail space. We prefer to sell our high quality products online and in person, to ensure that they remain affordable, thus offering you the best value for money.


Where do your products come from?

Our wood comes from Germany and the remaining parts come from the Netherlands.

The wood is sustainable PEFC pine timber from Germany. PEFC is the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification – it is the world’s largest forest certification system. You can find out more at www.pefc.org

How is the wood protected?

Our wood is pressure treated with tanalith from the UK, this is a waterbased child-safe treatment that protects the wood against sun, moisture, fungus and insects.

The treatment is impregnated in a vacuum chamber, resulting in wood that is protected from the inside out and will stay protected even after sanding and cutting.

Is the wood weather resistant?

Yes, our wood is weather resistant and can last up to 10-15 years in the Middle East climate when maintained properly. It has been pressure treated with a water based child-safe treatment that protects the wood against sun, moisture/humidity, fungus and insects.

Do termites eat the wood?

No, our wood is pressure treated with Tanalith E from the UK, this is a water based child-safe treatment that protects the wood against sun, moisture, fungus and insects (e.g. termites).

What colour is the wood?

When your playground is first installed, the wood will be beige coloured with a greenish tint. This colouration is due to the treatment and the greenish tint will rapidly disappear once exposed to the sun, leaving you with a gorgeous golden honey glow.

Do you varnish or paint the wood?

No, we do not. Since wood is a natural material, it's constantly expanding and contracting depending on the weather. Paint and varnish would quickly crack leaving the wood unprotected and vulnerable.

Our treatment is specifically chosen to ensure protection whilst allowing the wood to breathe. This ensures maximum life span of 8 to 10 years.

What's the best surface for a playground?

Thick natural grass and soft sand are the ideal surfaces for your playground.

If you only have a hard surface available, don’t worry, we can supply rubber playground mats (20mm to 45mm thickness for varying degrees of impact protection).

Do you need to fix my playground in place?

Yes, we fix your playground to ensure optimum safety of your children. 

On soft surfaces (e.g. grass and sand) we use foundation pins and cement.

- On hard surfaces we use metal brackets and bolts. All our fixings are removable (if you decide to move house) and installed discreetly.

What's your delivery time?

It depends on your choice of play setup and if we have it in stock. Typically, we can have your little adventurers playing within 3-6 weeks.

How much do you charge for installation?

For residential customers: we charge 450dhs for Dubai delivery & installation. Anywhere else in the UAE is 750dhs only, no matter the size of your setup.

How do I maintain my playground?

We recommend you teak oil the wood twice a year (every six months) to ensure maximum life span of 10 years.

How long does my playground last in the UAE climate?

If you take good care of your Adventure playground, it will last 8 to 10 years.

We recommend teak oiling the wood twice a year, to ensure maximum life span. Click here for a short video tutorials on How To Care For Outdoor Wood Furniture.

What's the warranty?

All our playgrounds come with a 10-year warranty on the wooden parts.

I'm moving house, can I take my playground with me?

Yes you can! All our fixings are removable and your playground will split into manageable sections. Give us a call on 050 884 2992 if you’d like us to move it for you.

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What you can expect from us and our playgrounds

 - how we work -

We pride ourselves in the open personal relationship we have with our customers, together we work towards the most amazing adventure playgrounds.

Playgrounds that bring excitement, thrills and yes, a little magic to your outdoor area and to your little adventurers. For many years to come.

Our hallmarks: 

  • high-quality materials, durable and sustainable
  • local craftsmanship at affordable prices
  • pride in our service, professional and personal

We craft all our play experiences here locally in our carpentry workshop in Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE. We don't have a showroom since our wide range of products would require a large amount of expensive retail space. We prefer to sell our playgrounds online and in person, to ensure that they remain affordable, thus offering you the best value for money.

Read more about How we work here.

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Playgrounds About us BoomTree Dubai UAE Mobile

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