A Brilliant Bunk Bed that Encourages social play

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We are Paul & Karin, founders of BoomTree Adventure Playgrounds and proud parents of two cheeky monkeys. This bed is for you if you're looking for a brilliant bunk bed that will excite your children for years to come. 

Our bunk beds are part of our Adventure Sleepers; a furniture collection that allows children to play, read and sleep in their own personal and protected space. Have a look around, mix and match and create the bed that suits your kids best. Sweet dreams!

Adventure Sleepers

-  Captivating Loft Beds For Kids -

designed with your child in mind

Many thanks to Paul and his team for the great job delivering and installing our wonderful kids bed. 
Bed times really have never been so easy! 
~Chris Flynn/DUBAI

only two weeks delivery time


Choose a full option play tower, a challenging rockwall or add a slide to your bunk bed.

Kids Bed Storage Nook

Allow your child to create their own private treasure chamber. Ssst!

made with child-safe sustainable timber, crafted in dubai, UAE

Our kids beds are locally made from solid spruce wood from sustainable sources.

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What will your Social sleeper look like?

 -  Create your favourite Bunk Bed with our flexible modules -

Some kids bounce around and never seem to tire, they need physical activity to get rid of all that energy. There are kids who like to cuddle up with a book and kids who dream of becoming an Olympic gymnast. Whatever your child's personality, we have a Social Sleeper that fits. 

Your Brilliant Bunk Bed

 -  A Bunk bed with slide -

A Social Sleeper with Slide

This is the bed for you if your kids are sharing a room. The bunk bed comes with a splendid slide for some extra fun and many more modules are available if you'd like to turn the bed into a complete indoor playground.

And don't worry, this is no IKEA bed. It's handmade in Dubai and we deliver and install your bed for free, anywhere in the UAE! 

social sleeper

Loft bed with splendid slide and extra lower bunk to double sleeping capacity

  • Made from solid spruce wood
  • H 210 x L 199 x W 293cm
  • Bed height: 140cm

AED 7.900 only (+VAT)

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We only use wood from sustainable sources

Your Flexible Bunk Bed Modules

 -  Adjust your Kids Bed and Build More Motor skills -

Does your child dream of becoming an Olympic gymnast? Or does she want to be a professional climber? Personalise your bunk bed with our flexible modules, perfect for developing upper body strength and gross motor skills in a fun way.

challenging rockwall

Add more challenges to your kids bed with this separate rockwall. 

  • Made from solid spruce wood
  • H 210 x L 50cm
  • Fits on any Adventure Sleeper

AED 1.850 only (+VAT)

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Loft beds dubai-Awesome-Acrobat-Adventure-Sleepers-by-BoomTree-Adventure-Playgrounds-Dubai-UAE
daring gymnast 

Increase the fun by adding gym bars to the end of your bunk bed.

  • Made from solid spruce wood
  • H 210 x L 103 x W35cm
  • Fits on any Adventure Sleeper

AED 1.850 only (+VAT)

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plentiful play platform

A full option play tower with rockwall and slide.

  • Made from solid spruce wood
  • H 210 x L 105 x W293cm
  • Fits on any Adventure Sleeper

AED 4.450 only (+VAT)

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Need help choosing?

Eager to purchase a bed for your kids bedroom, but not sure which one? Maybe you are doubting about the size or about which module to add? Don't struggle alone, just give us a call and have all your questions answered in a heartbeat.

* please come and view our Premium Dreamer exclusively at our lovely retail partner eggs & soldiers in Times Square Center, SZR, Dubai, UAE

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Secret compartments and cubbyholes

 -  hidden storage for personal treasures -

Can you keep a 


reading nook with secret storage

Book shelf with three visible compartments and two hidden boxes 

AED 1.250 only (+VAT)

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covert cubby

Hidden compartment fixed under the bed planks to create a treasure chamber

AED 350 only (+VAT)

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Have you picked your adventure sleeper?

 -  Time to get in touch -

We hope you enjoyed browsing our collection of brilliant bunk beds. Give us a call today on 050 884 2992 and take delivery of your favourite kids bed in only 2 weeks time. And do pass by our lovely retail partner eggs & soldiers in Times Square Center, SZR, Dubai to view our Premium Dreamer.

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More Adventure Sleepers

 -  6 amazing beds for every character -

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Today I had a professional and talented team at my back yard to install a customized play area for my children. It was perfect and installed very well and solid.

My children loved it and tried it before its done. Thank you for your professional work Mr. Paul and the team. Highly recommended.
~Shaikha Ali/Sharjah


What can I say! Paul and his team did an absolutely fantastic job building a play system for my children. Very professional and quick to install, totally painless process for us.

My kids love it, I can't get them off it! Thank you BoomTree I now have two very happy kids!
~Michelle Glover/Arabian Ranches


Paul and his BoomTree team did an amazing job on our new Hyland playground in Jumeirah Heights West. Foundations, rubber flooring, sail shades and playground equipment, all excellent quality.

As an owners association member I couldn’t be happier with how the project was coordinated and the end result.

~Tim Harford/Jumeirah Heights


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